A non-profit organization located in Stow, MA. Offering fun and enriching soccer opportunities for children of all ages!

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Welcome to Stow Soccer Club, a Massachusetts-based non-profit

Welcome to Stow Soccer Club (SSC), a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization located in Stow, MA, offering fun and enriching soccer opportunities for children of all ages!

Current SSC Community Members can engage in a dialog here: 


Cheers to a great season!

To Stow and Lancaster Soccer Community,  We weren't sure what to expect this spring when we started planning this season. Still having to play with Masks and be socially distant, no one was certain we could even finish the season.

Thanks to some serendipity, hard work, and faith by our community and volunteers, I think we could all agree that this spring was an unqualified safe, successful, and fun season! 

In case you weren't aware, planning and executing on any season is no small feat.  We are the second-largest club in the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League (NVYSL) and the largest in Stow or Lancaster.  Combined with LYSA and Nashoba United for the last year, our club has just over 430 kids participating in it, supported by over 90 volunteers. 

With this in mind, I'd like to recognize the contributions of all-volunteer Board Members who organized and executed both the Fall and Spring seasons' operations plans. 

Our players literally could not step on the field without the hard work of our Registrar, Mike Kirkland. Moreover, our Risk Manager, Rob Alix, ensures that all our kids are safe but helping out volunteers navigate our compliance protocols. 

We'd be remiss if we didn't recognize the hard work of these other Executive Board members as well:

  • Bill Gerecke, Vice President
  • Jeremy Edgerton, Treasurer
  • Emily Stewart, Secretary 
  • Leah Viviriti, Player and Coach Development 

Please also acknowledge the stressful work by our Age Directors who perform player rosters and team placements.  

  • Munchkins/Transitions: Mike Kirkland, Matt Mayo (LYSA), and David Carr (LYSA)
  • Grade 1/2: Mike Kirkland and Alan Byford 
  • Grade 3/4: Roger Duchesneau and Leah Vivirito and Tom Salvatlelli (LYSA)   
  • Grade 5/6: Rich Eckel and Leah Vivirito
  • Grade 7/8: Derek Edmond and Leah Vivirito
  • High School: Bill Gerecke

The critical contribution of these Board Members enabled much of our behind-the-scenes work that isn't always noticed because they do it so well - thank you!   

  • Maria Mpelkas, Referee Assignor, Genesis Program Director 
  • Greg Angelides, Equipment Coordinator
  • Jessica Farruggia Barry, SSC Marketing
  • Malissa Miot, LYSA Marketing 
  • Brian Gorham, SSC Field Coordinator 
  • Jason Englehardt, LYSA Field Coordinator 

Finally, thank you to all our coaches who brought their passion for Soccer to their teams and ensure a safe and fun experience for all our club's players. Although it is a labor of love for these volunteers, please take a moment to let these people know that their time investment is appreciated. 

Lastly, we will have our Annual Board Meeting on June 30th.

We hope you will contemplate attending our Annual meeting to particulate in our Club's governance.  Please also consider volunteering for one of the Board positions. As you can see, there are several people doing multiple positions, and if you help out, many hands make light work. 

Enjoy the summer,

Rich Eckel

Stow Soccer President



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Interested in more soccer? but not interested in club?

Interested in more soccer? but not interested in club soccer?

The Town Select League of Massachusetts Youth Soccer works in cooperation with town soccer programs to provide playing opportunities in a league that focuses on quality coaching, player development, and joy of the game. Teams are formed from 4-8 town groups, which provide select competition and limited travel to and from the practice field. The coaches are nationally licensed and uphold the mission statement and values of the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association.

´╗┐The Town Select League (TSL) is currently offered to boys and girls born in 2007-2013 who reside within the Essex, BAYS, Middlesex, MAYS, and NVYSL (Nashoba Valley) areas. The tryout venue does not determine where a player will be rostered. If a player makes a team, he/she will be rostered in the closest proximity to their residence.

Tryouts for TSL will take place in June throughout Massachusetts



Players eligible for a roster spot within the TSL :

1. Must play for their town team
2. Need to attend at least 1 tryout
3. Cannot play for a club team that plays in an independent league.
If your child is interested in the TSL and cannot make the scheduled tryout dates, or if you are interested in a coaching position within our program,  please contact TSL Program Director Maureen T. LaRoche at   .

To learn more about the TSL in detail, visit our website at www.mayouthsoccer.org/programs/town_select_league/

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District Select Program (DSP)


Mass Youth Soccer is planning for a 2021 District Select Program Season to take place.  It will consist of 4 weekends of games on July 10th and 11th, July 17th and 18th, July 24th and 25th, and July 31st and August 1st.  Boys and Girls 11U through 14U will play on Saturdays.  Boys and Girls 16U and 19U will play on Sundays. All games will be held at Massachusetts Youth Soccer fields located here.

The District Select Program (DSP) is designed to be a development opportunity for players affiliated with Massachusetts Youth Soccer over the summer. The goal of the program is to provide a pressure-free, yet competitive soccer environment in which players can focus entirely on their development. This program is developmental and therefore no standings will be kept during the season.

Per the Commonwealth of Massachusetts reopening guidelines at that time, there may or may not be a season-ending tournament on August 7th and 8th

STow and Lancaster are in is District 6

Click here to register for Tryouts

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Field Status
Athol MS 9v9 - Athol OPEN (6/24) 
Berlin E-7v7 - Berlin OPEN (6/24) 
Bolton Forbush A - Bolton OPEN (6/24) 
Bradley Field - Stow OPEN (6/24) 
Chair City Gardner HS - Gardner OPEN (6/24) 
Clinton S. Meadow 11v11 - Clinton OPEN (6/24) 
Groton Dunstable Larter - Dunstable OPEN (6/24) 
Harvard Park - Harvard OPEN (6/24) 
Harvard Waite A - Harvard OPEN (6/24) 
Hudson Sauta Cornfield A - Hudson OPEN (6/24) 
Lancaster, MRE 7v7 - Lancaster OPEN (6/24) 
Lancaster, MRE 9v9 - Lancaster OPEN (6/24) 
Leominster Samoset 11v11 - Leominster OPEN (6/24) 
Leominster Samoset 9v9 - Leominster OPEN (6/24) 
NU-Forbush Mill Bolton - Bolton OPEN (6/24) 
NU-Lancaster Schools - Lancaster OPEN (6/24) 
NU-Stow Pine Bluffs - Stow OPEN (6/24) 
Oakmont TRW - Westminster OPEN (6/24) 
Pepperell Glow 1 - Pepperell OPEN (6/24) 
Pepperell Varnum Brook 2 - Pepperell OPEN (6/24) 
Pine Bluff 4v4 - Stow OPEN (6/24) 
Pine Bluff 9v9 - Stow OPEN (6/24) 
Pine Bluff, 11v11 - Stow OPEN (6/24) 
Stow Community Park 4v4A - Stow OPEN (6/24) 
Stow Community Park 4v4B - Stow OPEN (6/24) 
Stow Community Park 4v4C - Stow OPEN (6/24) 
Townsend-Ashby Squannaco - Townsend OPEN (6/24) 
Tyngsboro BM1 - Tyngsboro OPEN (6/24) 
Tyngsboro BM2 - Tyngsboro OPEN (6/24) 
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