A non-profit organization located in Stow, MA. Offering fun and enriching soccer opportunities for children of all ages!

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To make this a special positive experience Parents have a vital role to play. Please bear these thoughts in mind:


1.  During the games, we ask that all spectators sit across the field from the players and coaches.  It makes it difficult for coaches to have the undivided attention of the players if they are looking to their parents. 


2.  Please encourage players with past-positive statements and actions.  Examples, "Great shot", "Nice pass", "Good try".   This also includes the other team as they need encouragement too.


3.  Please refrain from coaching from the sidelines.  We know this is difficult but we need the players to look to the coaches for their instruction.  


4.  After the game, listen and ask your children about "experiences" that happened during the game. Those are learning moments.  The game result should be your third or fourth question.


5.  No coach or parent is allowed on the playing field during the game. As much as you want to help out, game time is when you want to allow the kids to 'play' the game.