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Game Day Protocols


  1. By attending an SSC game located at the Town of Stow or Lancaster facility, all players, coaches, spectators, and officials are self-certifying that‚Äč:

    They have checked their temperature on the date of the game with a reading below 100.4
    - Are free from all signs and symptoms of COVID-19
    Have not been in close contact or exposed to an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19

  2. Spectators may drop players off up no earlier than 30 minutes prior to kick-off, but should not enter spectator areas until 15 minutes prior to kick-off on the field they are playing on. Spectators are asked to wait in their car and then proceed to the field 15 minutes before kick-off.

  3. Only One Spectator (Parent/Guardian/Chaperone) per player. (There is a one to one for spectators to players so if you have twins, for example, you two spectators can attend). 

  4. If a family has multiple children playing that day, the child or children waiting to play or have already played may attend the sibling’s game with the parent.

  5. Siblings may attend if no alternate option for child care is available and must be with the parent at all times. Siblings must remain with the spectator at all times and are not allowed to play on vacant fields.

  6. All players, participants, and spectators must wear face coverings and Social Distance at all times. Face coverings must be worn once entering the property until they leave the property for the day. 

  7. Use of tobacco products, vaping, cannabis are strictly prohibited 

  8. We have a no pet policy on all of our game locations.
  9. All Players and Spectators should bring their own individual folding chair.


  1. Spectators are not to gather on or around another organization’s game, field, or match as each field has a spectator capacity limit. In the event of rain, spectators and players are not to gather together and must remain socially distanced with masks.
  2. Spectators will be asked to leave the facility if derogatory comments are made towards the referee or opposition players/staff.
  3. It is the responsibility of the parent, coach, and player to supply their own PPE in preparation of the matches. SSC will not be distributing any PPE for individuals who have not come prepared.



  1. Players, Coaches and Spectators will leave the playing area immediately after games are completed to allow time for warm-ups in following games. The away team will depart first, followed by the home team 5 minutes later.
  2. Please properly dispose of all used PPE and Trash by taking them with you.  There are no trash cans.

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