A non-profit organization located in Stow, MA. Offering fun and enriching soccer opportunities for children of all ages!

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Temporary COVID Game Modifications

Fall 2020


1.  Contact – No intentional contact (Any contact before playing the ball, shoulder to shoulder, backing in, pushing forward on someone shielding, hands on body or shirt) All restarts are an IFK.  Incidental and unintentional ball to foot tackles are allowed.


2.  Unless all other players are more than 6 ft away, ALL slide tackles will result in an IFK.


3.  Absolutely NO heading by any player, resulting restart is an IFK.


4.  Throw-ins are suspended. Restarts from the touchline will all be an IFK from the point where the ball leaves the field.  Offsides will   be enforced for all IFK and FK.


5.  Corner kicks are suspended. Restarts from the arcs will be an IFK.  The ball will be placed in the corner arc on the side of the end line that the ball leaves the field.  The ball may enter the penalty area.  ALL players MUST be 2yds (6ft) apart before the kick is taken.  Offsides are enforced.


6.  Defensive players must be (8yds, 6 yds – age dependent) from the ball and 2yds (6ft) from other players, offensive players must be 2yds (6 ft) from the ball and each other.


7.  Balls must be sanitized after every handling or heading (exception is goalies with gloves).


8.  Players and coaches must remain 2yds (6ft) apart on the sidelines and 8ft from the touchlines.