A non-profit organization located in Stow, MA. Offering fun and enriching soccer opportunities for children of all ages!

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Welcome to Stow Soccer Club (SSC), a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization located in Stow, MA, offering fun and enriching soccer opportunities for children of all ages!


Fall 2022 Soccer Registration is Open! Important Changes below.

Fall 2022 Registration is Open and we have a new Registration Process!

Stow, Lancaster, and Nashoba have combined as one club, Nashoba United Soccer Club.

We have a new website and new registration process.  Please register ASAP to work through new registration issues.  Late fees will start after August 1st for grades 1 and above.

New website: Nashoba United Soccer Club


REGISTER Online in 4 Easy Steps!
Follow these steps after clicking this registration link: https://secure.adminsports.net/nashobaunited


  1. Family Setup: You will only have to do this the first time you register. Please use an e-mail address you check regularly.
  2. Player Setup: Again, you will only have to do this once for each player.
  3. Registration for the season: This section contains the information for each player for the current season: grade, health insurance information, emergency contacts, medical information.
  4. Checkout: You are done!


by posted 07/08/2022
Field Status
Athol MS 9v9 - Athol OPEN (8/12) 
Berlin E-7v7 - Berlin OPEN (8/12) 
Bolton Forbush A - Bolton OPEN (8/12) 
Bradley Field - Stow OPEN (8/12) 
Chair City Gardner HS - Gardner OPEN (8/12) 
Clinton S. Meadow 11v11 - Clinton OPEN (8/12) 
Groton Dunstable Larter - Dunstable OPEN (8/12) 
Harvard Park - Harvard OPEN (8/12) 
Harvard Waite A - Harvard OPEN (8/12) 
Hudson Sauta Cornfield A - Hudson OPEN (8/12) 
Lancaster, MRE 7v7 - Lancaster OPEN (8/12) 
Lancaster, MRE 9v9 - Lancaster OPEN (8/12) 
Leominster Samoset 11v11 - Leominster OPEN (8/12) 
Leominster Samoset 9v9 - Leominster OPEN (8/12) 
NU-Forbush Mill Bolton - Bolton OPEN (8/12) 
NU-Lancaster Schools - Lancaster OPEN (8/12) 
NU-Stow Pine Bluffs - Stow OPEN (8/12) 
Oakmont TRW - Westminster OPEN (8/12) 
Pepperell Glow 1 - Pepperell OPEN (8/12) 
Pepperell Varnum Brook 2 - Pepperell OPEN (8/12) 
Pine Bluff 4v4 - Stow OPEN (8/12) 
Pine Bluff 9v9 - Stow OPEN (8/12) 
Pine Bluff, 11v11 - Stow OPEN (8/12) 
Stow Community Park 4v4A - Stow OPEN (8/12) 
Stow Community Park 4v4B - Stow OPEN (8/12) 
Stow Community Park 4v4C - Stow OPEN (8/12) 
Townsend-Ashby Squannaco - Townsend OPEN (8/12) 
Tyngsboro BM1 - Tyngsboro OPEN (8/12) 
Tyngsboro BM2 - Tyngsboro OPEN (8/12) 
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