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Stow Soccer Refund and Withdrawal Policy:


We understand that there are valid reasons for players to need to withdraw before or during a season for medical reasons.  However, we wanted to define our policies for refunds and to explain the impacts for player withdrawal after teams have been submitted and/or selected based on the age group:


Munchkin/Transition - We will process refunds for withdrawals that occur up to 1 week before the season starts.  For the spring this will be March 25th and for the fall this will be August 25th. 


NOTE: Teams are created at that time and there could be an impact to teams if a player withdrew.


Grade 1/2 - We will process refunds for withdrawals that occur prior to the team draft (typically around 2-3 weeks before season starts).  For the spring this will be March 10th and for the fall this will be August 10th.


NOTE:  There would be an impact on teams if a player was to withdraw after the draft.  The draft process was put in place to fairly distribute skill levels.  It could also change the number of teams thus impacting the tri-town schedules


Grade 3/4 - We will process refunds for withdrawals that occur up to a week before Final Team Submittal Date to NVYSL.  For the spring this will be February 15th and for the fall this will be July 15th.  


NOTE:  Player withdrawal after this date could have a huge impact on team placement and scheduling at the league and town level.  There is a potential for a financial impact since a league fee is charged for each dropped team.


Please Note:  For refunds that are approved, a processing fee of $5.00 will be withheld from the refunded amount to offset the merchant fees incurred during the enrollment.