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For coaches U10 and up

  1. Bring the following items to each game:
    1. First Aid Kit - especially ice packs
    2. Two (2) copies of your completed roster form to be given to the referee
    3. Player and coach pass cards for teams playing in division(s) 1 or 2 (spring only)
    4. Game ball (home team)
    5. Corner flags at least 5 feet tall (home team)
  2. Before each game, the visiting team coach should:
    1. Call the home team coach to confirm there is no conflict in uniform colors. In the event of a conflict, the visiting team must wear pinnies.  Be sure you have enough pinnies in your coaches bag. 
  3. After each game, both coaches should:
    1. Complete and mail referee rating cards
    2. Call the Town Director and report the game score
  4. Game Cancellation and Rescheduling:
    1. If a game is cancelled for any reason, the home team coach must call:  1) the other coach, 2) , and the Division Director as soon as possible to reschedule.  Once reschedule is approved 3) contact the local town Referee Director (for Stow: Adam Tocci).  The Town Referee Director will arrange to reschedule the referees as required.
    2. To reschedule a game, the coaches should agree upon a time and place to play.  It is the responsibility of the home team coach to contact his/her local town Referee Director with as much advance notice as possible to schedule a referee for the game.  Obtaining a referee can be very difficult.  PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.
    3. The only reschedule/cancellation requests to which an opposing coach must agree are:
      1. Unplayable field conditions when notified by opposing coach at least two (2) hours prior to game time; or
      2. Play on weekends or days which are established by the League prior to the season as dates where reschedule requests are automatically granted if requested.  See the League By-Laws which identify those dates.
  5. Sunday Game Changes
    U16, U18, and U19 Sunday games must be played as scheduled unless the field is unplayable.  If a game is not played and the field is playable, then a forfeit shall be assessed to the team or teams than cannot field a team for that game.
  6. Roster Changes
    Before a player may be added to a roster and be eligible to play, documents must be submitted to the Registrar.
    1. A revised NVYSL team roster (the document you give to the referee at the start of each game).  This document will be signed by the League Registrar and returned to you so you may make copies for use at your games.
    2. Spring Only - A Team Roster (State Form 4) with the names, etc. of the players involved (add or drop).  NVYSL cannot take action on a drop without the completed MYSA-approved Player Release/Transfer Form.
    3. Spring Only - If a player is added to a Division 1 or a Division 2 team, a new card (or that player's old card) with the player's picture, signature, etc. must be submitted to the Registrar.  In the case of a player changing teams, the documents mentioned in a. and b. above (for the player's old team) must also be submitted to officially drop the player from his/her old team (since one player cannot be rostered on two teams in NVYSL).
    4. All roster changes shall be from an official town representative and shall be handled via the mail.  Registration documentation shall be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Clubs must allow sufficient time when making changes since approved roster changes must be available to the referee prior to the game a new player may play.

      Coaches must ensure that only properly affiliated and registered players and coaches are on the team.  The liability insurance for which you pay and receive as a benefit of affiliation with MYSA and playing in NVYSL applies only if all players and coaches are properly affiliated and registered.  Severe penalties exist for violations of this rule, including forfeiture and suspension.
  7. Knowledge of Rules:
    Each coach is expected to know the rules of the game and any special rules governing play in the NVYSL as outlined in the League's By-Laws.   Please give special attention to the By-Law governing Yellow/Red Cards and Ejections.  Coaches are expected to implement paragraph 5 of that rule.  If a coach permits a player to play in contravention of that rule, the team shall be deemed to have forfeited the game(s) in which the offending player has wrongfully participated and the executive board of the League may take further action regarding the coach based on the overall circumstances of the game.
  8. Responsibility for actions of players, parents and fans, as well as you, the coach:
    As coach, while you may disagree with a referee call (or lack thereof), such a disagreement should not be demonstrated visibly in such a manner as to incite players, parents and fans to "get on" the referee.  In addition, in cases where your players, players' parents and fans are becoming overly vocal and abusive of the referee, you should take steps to bring them under control.  Failure to do so makes you subject to receipt of a yellow or a red card.
  9. If you have a serious disagreement with a referee, keep quiet during the game, then please fill out a REFEREE REPORT after the game and mail it to the League. Suggestion:  If you think the referee did a good job, let him/her know it at the end of the game.
  10. Coaches must insist on good sportsmanship at all times.  The League encourages teams to shake hands after all games.  Coaches should participate and work to eliminate unsportsmanlike actions by players which too often take place at this "ceremony".